I’m a good boy. I haven’t pestered my psychiatrist in weeks.

I took a nap, my usual, 3-5 or so. I woke up feeling rested, but also restless. I wanted to go back to bed briefly afterward but couldn’t. =(

I’m so fucked all the time.

I’m feeling very consoled now that I have a future. I will study CSS and web design and become a web designer.


Or is this just a pattern; I get ambitious about something, chicken out, find the next thing?

Data science was just good politics. I don’t like it too much. This should be genuine.

But I’ll probably continue to learn a bit of data science here and there nonetheless. Drama-free.

I’m so scarred by so many things. Work environments have scarred me. A school scarred me. A town scarred me. Many people have scarred me.

So it goes. :)

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