I don’t have anything to do my career (target, at least) is now front-end web developer so I have some frameworks to learn at least they say pick one and be good at it though don’t spread yourself thin. I vibe that. Jingo. Yeap. But what do I do with my life? I’m still depressed. […]


I want to write this to my psychiatrist or therapist, like they can help me. I have hope. I shouldn’t There’s nothing they can do in actuality. It’s a strange conundrum, or confluence. I just felt like using a c word. Crappy cunt. Cuntola. Clearwater later. But what it is. It says… Maybe longer. It’s […]

Once robot technology advances sufficiently, manufacturing will no longer be outsourced to China and they will be out of an economy. They will have no more reason to exist and their “hard work at all costs” ethic will finally be brought to light as as stupid as it sounded upon first glance. If you can […]

China is the evilest government. Wow. They make billionaires disappear, they don’t give a fuck who you are. You disappear for three months then you say you love China after. Chinese (not American-Chinese, just Chinese) are slime. They support their government which is so obviously evil. If I was born there I would move as […]