Today was kind of interesting. I’m not thinking, kind of, in my introduction brain, Hiya hiya hiya! whell three chops over…

What can I do for others in social media. You know? Not often you think of that. But I must strive to entertain the audience, is all it is and ever will be. What to say…

Today was interesting. Mom watched a Neil de Grasse Tyson presentation in Dubai (he was there, not here; it was on TV), about astronomy and space colonization, more or less, and it was of course inspiring and interesting like all astronomy talks usually are. I don’t remember the takeaways, I mean I do, but I couldn’t regurgitate them for you. There were quite a few. Whoa, weird, I just typed “was” instead of “were”. Hmm.

I have delusions that you hate me sometimes. It’s so acute and sharp. Like a needle in my eyeball. I hope you don’t hate me. But it’s fine if you do. Better to express oneself as long as it’s safe.

And when we start talking about violence, that’s where the really interesting and engaging and important philosophical debates start to happen. I’m not interested in going down that road at the moment though; sorry. (The audience boos.)

Then, reading up on my CSS to remember what I’ve covered before, on W3Schools (an awesome resource, so simplified everything), and I need to do all the exercises too, haven’t started (I mean last generation I did, but not this generation, so I don’t have it memorized again). I need to then take the paper exam (find a proctor…) and then pass and get the certificate. It will help, it’s not nothing. To attract atttttttttention lol to myself as labor market capital potential opportunity talent etc. Fuck it. Fuck tits in the pussy.


To attract customers.


And yeesh.


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