Maybe it’s just normally repressed. Maybe the real view of my schizophrenia is actually brought to the forefront when I blog. When I’m social. Maybe that is real. I’m mentally ill. That’s for sure. I reread some of my stuff and it’s just insane-o bat feces. I’m insane-o bat feces. Ugh. Going to the park […]

I don’t know what to do. I’ll have to go for a walk with mother and brothers soon. I’m okay with this. But I have no life. Is this just a symptom of depression, this feeling? Feeling so empty and purposeless?

Yeah, just get angry as soon as I stop reading your post. Never mind that you’re invading my privacy by psychically spying on me and what I’m reading, but I wasn’t going to read it TO BEGIN WITH. Why have things changed all of a sudden? Suddenly I owe you? Fuck off.

Jizz jizz jizz fuck authoritarianism I hate psychic psychos my dad’s home is he scared? R+Fuck-Fuck R-Fuck, that is, the Radichio. IT’s a process not a pproduct. But you don’t see the process. I wish you could. It is a sight to behold. Just a lesson to make your own! =)

just a little jizz for your day

I’m back. Fucking trolls want to fuck me they can fuck me right off a bridge. Fuck off, a bridge. Abridged. So anyway, I took 4 tabs of hydroxyzine (max dose) and it’s helping me calm down mentally. That’s nice. A case manager (what is that exactly?) is going to talk to me soon. I […]

Life is so meaningless. All these psychic spies and narcissists torturing me. So many people who prey on the mentally ill like me deserve to be locked up. Some of them are in positions of authority, like power leaders (aka politicians) or psychiatrists. It’s stupid.

Life is so meaningless. Everyone is talking directly to me through the clutter, but my dad, the narcissist, sent them all. He hates me deep down inside but he’s, well, a narcissist, so he’s evil and has a deranged personality. I have things I don’t want to say, so I don’t say them. Life is […]

My dad’s on my nerves. He thinks he owes me. He’s a narcissist. He cant’ be beaten, but he desperately needs to feel pain. He must be disciplined. He’s of course psychic and spying on me like everyone else in my social circle. What to do. Life is misery. I don’t know what to do. […]