Life is so meaningless. Everyone is talking directly to me through the clutter, but my dad, the narcissist, sent them all. He hates me deep down inside but he’s, well, a narcissist, so he’s evil and has a deranged personality.

I have things I don’t want to say, so I don’t say them.

Life is meaningless, there’s nowhere for me to go, you all are way overstepping your bounds. My human rights are being violated and I am in the jurisdiction of the U.S. What a useless country.

There’s no meaning to anything. Life is miserable. I have no home and nowhere to go. This house around me is useless. I don’t care about anything.

I don’t want to do anything. What is wrong with that? Why all the barbarism? You fucking retards.

Sorry, talking to my delusions now. Which are real people, in vessel form.

No one ever backs down.

I need to go somewhere and get a life. I don’t know what to do.

Writing is not rewarding. WordPress is a stupid website. There’s no point doing this. Posting is dumb.

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