I just want someone cool to hang out with and for people to stop accusing me and attacking me. Had a beer. Yum! Psychiatrists are stupid; it doesn’t increase your depression. It makes it better.

I don’t know what the problem is. I think the problem is I have depressive schizoaffective disorder. I don’t like anything and I have delusions. Hurr durr.

I want to tell my medical care team, whoever whichever, that existence is misery and I’m not suicidal but I wish I were dead. Instead I told them I don’t need as much of a pill as I really do.

I talked with my psychiatrist today. She’s so professional, it’s good to have her on my team. We’re not changing any meds for now, I’m going on vacation soon and I’m stable, so… However, she did briefly mention the possibility of aderall for my attention span (!!!), so maybe when we get back…? Also things […]

I’m in therapy right now. It’s a group video chat. I’m supposed to be focusing on it but it’s so stupid and boring. It’s a huge waste of my time. They go at such a slow meaningless pace. Every time they ask it’s hard to tell them without sounding like I’m accusing them or attacking […]