I’m in therapy right now. It’s a group video chat. I’m supposed to be focusing on it but it’s so stupid and boring. It’s a huge waste of my time. They go at such a slow meaningless pace. Every time they ask it’s hard to tell them without sounding like I’m accusing them or attacking them, though. Stupid situation from a stupid health insurance company.

I finally had an apt with my psychiatrist, and it was cut short because my phone is a piece of shit, as is T-Mobile, so we’re going to finish up later today. It’s good to finally update my health insurance on how I’m doing, it’s been a while, they schedule me rarely. We’re finally getting along to my attention span issue. Yay! Maybe they’ll be able to help with that? I wonder if they’ll give me aderall. Previous doctor said it can increase psychosis so it was not an option but we’ll see what the new one says. It’s so weird, like, facts are facts, so why does it matter who the doctor is? It shouldn’t change anything but it does. Another reason health companies and doctors are fucking retarded. There are no standards.

I mean there probably are. I’m getting ahead of myself.

The people in this group therapy are fucking retards, too.

Shit heads.

The FBI’s on to mean they know I’m “dangerous” because I threatened a previous doctor. Well anyway I was having nightmares and delusions. I’m not like that anymore but how to convince them. Eh. Not my fucking concern. People are idiotski.


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