I talked with my psychiatrist today. She’s so professional, it’s good to have her on my team.

We’re not changing any meds for now, I’m going on vacation soon and I’m stable, so…

However, she did briefly mention the possibility of aderall for my attention span (!!!), so maybe when we get back…?

Also things are going pretty well with the latuda. I’ll finish tapering risperidone when I get back.

What else…

I signed up for a front-end web development class through Johns Hopkins University on Coursera. It looks pretty cool so far and I’m excited. I think it’ll be less buggy than the machine learning U Mich class I took, if intuition serves. I don’t want to get started tonight though because I’m lazy. Ugh. How am I ever going to get anything done? Why don’t I start, and do as much as I can do? Eh? That would be ideal.

But if worst comes to worst I’ll start the meat of the content tomorrow. I watched the intro.

Mmm. Web design.

I need to write poetry more often. Just, whatever I can, good, bad, it’s all practice.

Still kind of lost and purposeless, but hopefully I can be steered back on track.


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