There’s no point in writing in here. It doesn’t make me feel better. It’s not rewarding. I’m not helping anyone else out by being a mopey dick.


I just want to complain to my therapist openly about how ugly and miserable life is. I want to show her my view of the world, and convince her that it’s legitimate and logical, and so how can I get out of it? Then maybe she’ll understand. She won’t be able to help me until she understands my perspective. Psychiatrists and therapists always just look so superficially at your case. They don’t see the real reasons for things, for your state. They don’t go deep enough.

You don’t have to go that deep. But fuck, understand where I’m coming from just a little! Jizz in a sock. Fuck the nuts and blow up The Burge Kalifa.

Fuck Dubai.

Fuck Earth.

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