I have no life. The state wants a note from my doctor for my disability, so they can pay me, but the doctor’s note is not in the official form, so I have to send it to Kaiser, but that means I have to scan it which is a hassle.

My mom’s in my room doing my laundry and she knocked something over and it fell on her. Fuck. Bitch. Useless. Whiney mopey bitch.

My life is meaningless. We wired the money to the title company to buy the land in Florida to build two houses. This will make us some profit. Keeps me floating a little longer.

Mom is just so complicated and irritating. She is so self-unaware of how irritating and complicated a person she is. Why does she make everything so difficult. She’s not easygoing or laid back or fun or anything good. She’s just problems. Bitch.

I have to study CSS, HTML, JavaScript, I don’t want to because I hate watching people talk at me and I just sit there. I want to do things. But I hate adversity. I don’t want problems. I don’t want to overcome problems.

All this should be spoken to my case manager but she’s useless and the main responsibility for her is to report me to the authorities if I’m ever suspicious. Useless shit. The system is fucked.

I’m so angry that my life is so invaded upon. Everyone wants a piece of me. No one knows how to leave the quiet ones alone. It’s fucked.

Fuck off, all of you.

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