Where is the right place to write about my complaints? You don’t want me to? You don’t own me, you shitbag.

Fuck off.

Who-ass cuntlicker.

Oh well.

I guess I’m a who-ass cuntlicker too.



I don’t know what to do with my life.

Before long I’ll be on…

Well hopefully I just get put on permanent disability and then I have the freedom to pursue whatever I want at my own speed.

No rushing.

I am a very slow person.

Very slow.

Normal people, modern society, is hyper-fast to me.

So I like taking my time.

And not being rushed.

I joined a schizoaffective discord.

I don’t know how that will work out.

I’m really shy.

But it should get me in touch with my comrades.

Fuck. Relating based on a disease. Feels so low. Makes me feel pathetic.

I’m so negative right now. And I don’t even give a shit! That’s not even the problem! But other people will think it is.

I want friends and lovers who like me for my negativity.

Fuck you, average hommunculus.

Stupidity everywhere.

No inventions.

I’m smart. I could’ve helped. But you didn’t recruit me. Your loss.

No awesome inventions from this one.

Sorry. No more progress.


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