Hi guys! I am stopping metering my love. Oh you’re fast! Have I really changed though? Who’s to say. I watched another video for my web design course. But what of the hate? I don’t believe hate is evil, if that’s what you mean. But isn’t it just more… fun, to analyze it, well, analytically? […]

Why are you all joking all of a sudden. If I’m a psychic empath (schizoaffective), then what is it like to communicate with AI? I wonder. Let’s figure this out! Faggot(s). SHin budge

Yehh yehh yeh yeh yeh he he he yeh My own brain is my own enemy STOP YELlinagtme kay you sneaky bitch you twist reality reality bender fffffffffffffffffffffffffffuckup

I don’t have any friends. I don’t have anyone to talk to. I have an appointment with my case manager tomorrow morning. I will dump and tell her how poorly I’m doing, without needing to be institutionalized. What can she do? Provide advice and encouragement, hopefully. For all the support out there, I don’t actually […]

I need a therapist. Not one of those “busy” Kaiser ones, but a real one–who can talk whenever you need to, barring some weekend evenings or whatever, or maybe not! Maybe truly whenever! And can text, without panicking and calling the cops on you. And can help you with actual good advice on how to […]

Fuck. Do I need to hire a life coach or something? I feel like I do. That’s pathetic. Mom and I donated some old clothes to Goodwill. Then I had a taco for lunch, I will have more a little later, I am too lazy to assemble them right now so when I’m in the […]

How to clean a closet

First you take out the shirts Break the sliding door It’s off the hinge On the wrong grooves Both of them There are old shirts you were planning on donating To goodwill Oh wait look they’re actually kind of cool looking Maybe you want to keep some How do I decide whether to give it […]