Today is a depression day. I can sense it.

Yesterday and the day before I lost my mind in the evening. I wasn’t even that psychotic, just delusional, no hallucinations, well, voices, I mean, and telepathy. Whatever. It really riles me up.

I’m calmer in the morning. Sleep is amazing medicine.

I have to study web design, make headway on my coursera thing. I’d like to study other stuff concurrently but I’m so lazy. Math or data science or something. Bioinformatics. Become just good at a bunch of stuff and be interdisciplinary. Work for a company that needs that sort of stuff. Y’know.

Not sure what to do about marketing my poetry. I guess the only option is to polish up my second book and submit it to indie presses. Getting published by one would help a lot.

The world is such a big place. It’s so easy to get lost, and so hard to find what you want. What you’re looking for.

I was thinking like, why doesn’t a wealthy person figure out the science behind new technologically advanced housing. Affordable, but like, better than drywall with insulation and wooden support beams painted over. Something really that stands out, too. It would look super sci-fi. And it would have all these features, automated this, security system standard, smart home properties/features. Etc etc.

I don’t know why no one does these things.

I have so many ideas for what to do in life but no means to accomplish any of it.

To really get the funding for it, you have to belabor every last detail in theory in a document, submit the document to a bank or angel investors, and then go ahead and do it. But theorizing is so hard for me. I’m better at meeting challenges as they arise. Banks don’t want that. They want planners.



Society’s loss.

I could be great.

You never know.

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