I’m so fucked. The therapists say Don’t Drink Don’t Smoke have a Healthy Life it’s backed up by science but they don’t motivate it psychologically. There’s no reward to being healthy. It doesn’t feel good. I’m depressed, is that healthy? You’re not helping me be un-depressed. Drinking makes it better. You want me to stop my only medicine?

Fucking back-asswards retards.

Fuck and this evil slime, I don’t know who it is, I can sense their presence, and they laugh at my face, gloat at my suffering, which they cause. Fuck. I want them brought to justice. Might be like a foreign dignitary from China or something in charge of torturing multitudes of citizens in situ.


Sardines on a slave boat, aint it.

Why is life so complicated? If I were a God I would not have made survival this sophisticated.

Must be an acquired taste. Sadism and suffering.

Yeah right. God is dead.

Forgive me NOT.







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