I don’t want to explain. Explaining takes too long. That should be in a book published and selling like hotcakes making me money. Maybe that should too.

Life’s unfair.

Entering the market is hard and why?

And why?

I have to read http://www.jthomasbacher.com/bacherJuniorISWriting.pdf an essay by J Thomas Bacher who studied game design and procedural generation to learn about random level design algorithms, because I want to implement (that computer science-ey word, “implement”) one for my game, Grachtenhuis, where you save sinking cheese as a mouse on a boat in the Amsterdam canal district. I’ve off and finally admitted to who I am. But there’s still no proof. I guess I’m safe. Anonymity is so important to me. I don’t want to be one and offed. Yammasan.

Fuck it.


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