You useless trash cunt fagasses. Me writing in here is useless. You’re all trash. I wish I had gone to the pumpkin patch with my mom and bro. But I hated them, I was angry at them. So I didn’t go. But now I wish I had. But there’s nothing I can do about them […]

You’re all rat trash. Fuck you, evil slime cunt fagasses. No amount of swearing seems to weaken you. There’s no way for me to harm you. You’re invulnerable. I am the superhero and you are the villain. I need to figure out how to damage you. You deserve death and I can’t give it to […]

I removed voici dai borghi and roadtirement from my followers because they were spamming the like button on all of my posts without genuinely interacting with them at all or likely reading anything at all. They didn’t comment and they did not exhibit any discretion. So anyway, warning to you. Spam, and you will be […]

I wake up, I’m thankful for life, and for some reason I’m shit on. By life, nature, and everything. Why. I’m happy, I’m in love. Don’t fight me. Don’t hurt me. Why does the aether do this. I have to learn to read again. I’m so spoiled. I could say this. I could say that. […]