I wake up, I’m thankful for life, and for some reason I’m shit on. By life, nature, and everything.


I’m happy, I’m in love. Don’t fight me. Don’t hurt me.

Why does the aether do this.

I have to learn to read again. I’m so spoiled.

I could say this. I could say that. Would that make it true?

It doesn’t really matter what you say.

I’m supposed to be studying.

I wake up, I watch Twitch.

It makes me feel bad.

This blog makes me feel bad.

Sitting in the living room with mom at the computer on the sofa, the door to the garden open, makes me feel bad.

It all makes me feel bad.


I want activities. I want people.

I want engagement.

I don’t want to do this or that.

CBT for anxiety tomorrow.

CBT for depression on Wednesday.

Dual diagnosis dropin TWR.

All this.

Instead of just a healthy social structure.

No one here listens to me.

Aubrey is my only kindred spirit.

Maybe a few of you.

I don’t know.

Aubrey for sure.

Has the voice.

The right word combinations.

The right mindset.

I relate.

I’m trying to publish some poems.

No one has bought my book.

Even though it’s genius.

Every phrase I write, is a stab in the heart.

The forces of evil want me.

They want me to give up.

I gave up long ago.

Do they win?

I have so much reading to do.

So much work to do.

I don’t do any of it.

Turns out life freezes if you’re like me.

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