What am I supposed to be doing.

How about some neurosurgery:

(/ break the algorithm)

crack whatever

ok so

When I blog

There’s temporary reprieve

But also something deeper

It feels like writing

FIXES something

And in the moment

It feels like everything is being fixed

But the rate

Is inflated

Compared to after it’s been published

The post I mean

So like, after the post is done

And I publish it

It’s better, yes

But not nearly as much as I was anticipating when I was writing

So like what the fuck is that

Like compression or some shit

Also why do I swear so much what is wrong with me but also

Why am I not the same person I used to be

This isn’t even me

This isn’t even me

But yeah so that’s the neurosurgery

It’s analysis of the algorithm that was dictating my cognitive patterns so

Now that we’ve analyzed it we connected some neurons or grew some or whatever

And now our brain is different

Possibly better

Let’s test it out

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