I guess, one thing I wanted to, um, note, fuck, I’m stupid, you’re right…

That, my only purpose for going on the computer? Is in fact just to blog.

So, no need to beat around the bush there anymore.

Twitch is not, even, it doesn’t even exist. I made it up.

Heheh haha yeah so uhh yeah.

Also, I have lots of books, to read, surrounding me.

And a bed. To take naps.

That’s all I need.

The kitchen serves food.

There’s a sidewalk. Jog. Walk. Whatever. Sunshine.

My life is simplisky.

Why did I complicate it?

I wanted so much.

I look like the corrupt, ruined idealist from the outside.

Something like that.

Hi Nick. Hi Mom.

Uhh. Yeah.

Lucidity. From ten coffees.

Caffeinated, this time.

But also, bowel pain, and a headache.


I don’t really know how to talk anymore. These muscles are awkward.

I’ll have to exercise.

This is the “finishing up” muscle.

Brain muscles.


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