Life is starting to be not worth it.

The doctors can’t help. They’re trained for years, then they go and ask, “What can I do to help you?” Cunts.

Mom spewed chicken shit out of her mouthhole for half an hour this morning. Mostly about food. Then she briefly noticed I was depressed, acting human, and then got tired and went to bed. Gave up on me, in other words. Cunt.

All my friends have abandoned me. Cunts.

I have nothing.

The things I’m supposed to do, hygiene, studying, reading, are too hard for me. So let’s just fucking give up on it once and for all. Struggling hasn’t gotten us anywhere.

Let’s say it, out loud. “It’s too hard, I’m not doing it.” There. We’re free.

Not that Earth has anything to offer.

This society, this planet, this dimension, this life, are shit.

I hate my parents for bringing me into existence. Fuck them so hard.

English doesn’t express anger very well, I’m starting to notice. It sort of tames it down.

Just understand that whatever swear words I say, I’m about 3-4 times angrier than it sounds.

I am so drained. I don’t exist.

I hate my psychiatrist for being a bitch. I hate my therapist for being inept and cultist. I hate science for being useless, and medicine for the same.

Art is corrupt. It’s just market forces.

I haven’t seen anything amazing in years.

Nothing blows me away.

Everything is just, mediocre at best.

All you starving artists, trying to make that next genius thing. You’re failing. And you have failed. And you just are, failures.

Decision making is really hard right now. Like, choosing to do something is this heavy ordeal. Nothing is natural. And I’m not a heavy person. It’s foreign to me. So I am deterred from choosing.

But I want to do something.

Fate is evil.

I give up.

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