Mom’s a horrible person. I re-find that out every time I go talk to her, with the hope that she can therapy me.

The only reasonable explanation as to how she evades my intuition and senses, her negativity, is that she’s lying and putting a sheild of fake positivity up. I don’t care about misspelled words.

In other words she’s lying. She’s a fucking liar.

Bitch. Useless bitch. All she’s good for is money.

Psychiatry is useless. The latuda kind of works for my psychosis. Waiting for the depakote to kick in.

Fuck all this. They want me quiet. That’s what’s happpening. They’re making me quiet.

Good. We’ll see what happens when it’s my turn to warn them.

Won’t say a fucking word. Just like trained.

Bitches. Fuck you. *middle fingers*

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