I may not like who I am, skill-wise not spirit/soul-wise, but I still have myself. I am broken. I… you know that by now. If there’s one thing you know, you know that from my journals. It’s skill-wise, though, not soul-wise. My spirits and sense are still good. My personality is still intact. The way […]

I listen to the trance, and I am so inspired by the fight we all put up. We are amazing. It’s an honor to be a member of this universe. Thank you. <3 varjak

I ran out of suboxone, and we didn’t refill me until after 1 PM. I took the pill and Ahhhhhhh… what that’s it? I want more! Proves I’m still addicted to opiates. It’s really bad. An opitate addiction is fucking horrible. Wow. It’s so bad. And booze. I want to get drunk rn but not […]