had a dream about college except the campus was diffeent still rectangular but more overhangs and semi-indoors. People I knew from my time there were there. Fuck I miss college. Wow. It’s taken on legendary status for me. I’ve had so many dreams about it.

I bought a raspberry pi and it’s awesome because it comes with a free license for mathematica, an insane deal (like hundreds of dollars of savings), and the software is so cool. It’s the most powerful, gold standard math computation and modeling, like, just math, symbolic or otherwise, mathematics, software, out there. Annnnnd yeah. I’m […]

Went for a walk. I need to jog. Really, i need to jog. run. Walking’s not enough. It doesn’t exercise my legs to tone them. They get flabby just walking. I can feel atrophy at my upper thigh in front. =( Mom went to drop off some important mail documents for middle brother and baby […]

People keep asking me for my opinion, and operate on opinions. I say I don’t know. Why? Because fact. Learn. Know. Don’t just feel and believe. Know knowledge, see facts, see reality. Brb gotta go out for a while.

I’m really depressed and I fucked up my digestive system a while ago. Every time I burp the top layer of stuff, liquid and chunks, comes out into my mouth, on top of the gas from the burp. It fucking sucks. If I just had the opportunity to play tennis comfortably daily I’d be a […]

I feel so alone and like the work is never done. My room is never clean. The art never completely (completely, key word) gets hung on the walls. Maybe I do things part way, but I never finish projects. It’s a really bad trait. Bad for my employability. Not that I’m employable, needing a coffee […]

I don’t know what to do. I’m starting to panic. I’m too angry to go to bed. Bad encounters with hive-minded authority-wielding sheeple on Twitch. =/

I have to read a book on procedural generation because I want to learn about it to improve my game design skills. But it’s hard to read, not because the book is densely written, but because I’M stupid, and negative symptoms and muddled head from my schizoaffective disorder. Tonight’s not so bad. Because I’ve been […]