I’m really depressed and I fucked up my digestive system a while ago. Every time I burp the top layer of stuff, liquid and chunks, comes out into my mouth, on top of the gas from the burp. It fucking sucks.

If I just had the opportunity to play tennis comfortably daily I’d be a healthy person. But that is not available to me.

Life’s not fair.

Fuck fuck shit I did it wrong again I can tell my conscience tells me I am doing it wrong typing these words is the wrong thing to do.

I’m so fucked I can’t even type words on a page correctly.

I’m so mentally ill. I don’t even like my comrades in the schizoaffective forums on reddit.

Fuck this shit.

Fuck fuck no I did it wrong again.

I like my poetry but what? What after all?

I don’t know.

Getting sleepy from one antihistamine.

Fuck it’s supposed to rela


Just stop

Oh yeah? What about that fucker? Stupid shit you think you know everything This is exactly my point people are so “intuitive” they just know what’s right NO YOU DON’T DUMB BITCH-SHIT OBSERVE THE EVENTS AND THE CONSEQUENCES, fundamental tenets of science.

Or do you just not really do that .Science, I mean. Not your vibe.

Fucking retard. Plus it’s my life. You know nothing.

Garbage terd.

Fuck you. Fuck off.

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