Went for a walk. I need to jog. Really, i need to jog. run. Walking’s not enough. It doesn’t exercise my legs to tone them. They get flabby just walking. I can feel atrophy at my upper thigh in front. =(

Mom went to drop off some important mail documents for middle brother and baby brother at the park meeting halfway.

I need to work on my projects. I’m not interested, but I should get engaged somehow.

If I can get engaged, it all works out fine. Once I’m engaged I’m not depressed. But how to get engaged?

I feel better now, the walk gave some exercise. It’s sunny outside and a few perfect isolated clouds. =)

Feeling better now, anyway.

I hate my coffee addiciton. Even if it is decaf. I hate having to make it every 5 min.

Probably leftovers of my opioid addiction (kratom).


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