my life is fucking meaningless time to start contemplating suicide for the evening slightly lightly lightly not slightly just lightly i love typing learned how to in elementary school kind of aggressive, don’t you think?

The therapist in charge of my CBT for Depression class is so fucking hot. She’s not dumb blond hot. No fucking way. She’s black hair, or dark brown but I like to see it as black, and the contours of her face are very gentle, somewhat round somewhat angular, like her nose too, and she’s […]

I really wish I had somewhere to go or something to do. I feel like trash. Apparently the English government is corrupt. Good job, conservatives! They waste a lot of money funding ventures that are like, well, wastes of money. Sheer corruption. Just like U.S. conservatives, then? Fuckeeeeed.

I’m so lonely. Things I don’t want to talk about: Things other things: Um yeah. Hi guys. How do I meet people and make friends. Nick doesn’t talk to me. He’s so busy and probably his adhd is kicking him in the ass, is my guess. Can’t be that busy without some handicap. Lying in […]