I’m so lonely.

Things I don’t want to talk about:

Things other things:

Um yeah.

Hi guys.

How do I meet people and make friends.

Nick doesn’t talk to me. He’s so busy and probably his adhd is kicking him in the ass, is my guess. Can’t be that busy without some handicap. Lying in bed


I make some money from stocks and staked crypto interest, but not that much. I only had like 50 grand to put down.

If that sounds like a lot… yeah it is. It’s not fair that wealth makes you wealthier.

The current financial system is not fair. It’s true.

What. I took a break.


Conveyance of meaning. Conference.

Confluence. What does that mean.

Be the entertainer and others will come. Easy way to make friends.

Eh. I’m not going to be friends with people who submitted to my literary magazine. It’s a professional contract.

Social media content creation, yeah that’s possible.


Suck cock.

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