I’m trying to design this computer game. Does that speak for itself? I realize that minimalism does not win you the ball game. There’s not enough content. A painting of a blank slate no. No. Guys. Just no. But also bullshit. Yeah uhu bullshit could do it. Because why not. But all in all… … […]

I don’t know, it’s like,…. what is it. What is it, and when does it happen. But… It’s too abstract. I can’t put words to it. I put some pain relief cream on my left ankle. Eh. Pretty unsatisfying, not being able to put words to it.

Add little say whatever you want but realize it affects your brain And your thoughts later on So, write what you want But also, be who you want to be Later on Note to self … Having said that, I don’t have much to say. I did some studying today. I don’t know why I […]