I’m trying to design this computer game. Does that speak for itself?

I realize that minimalism does not win you the ball game. There’s not enough content.

A painting of a blank slate no.



Just no.

But also bullshit.

Yeah uhu bullshit could do it.

Because why not.

But all in all…

I’m trying to dabble with or just use basics of coroutines in my game. And it doesn’t want to work and I don’t know how to make it work.


A majority of the code base got deleted when I was using git to try to back it up.



So I’m just trying to rewrite methods for the major game objects (canal, boat, chees, etc.).


I love computer programming but most of it is just getting stuck.

And I’m not good at getting stuck because when I’m stuck I’m stuck and I don’t just out of thing air find the solution instantaneously.

So I don’t know.

Right, remember, substance over form.


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