I am making major progress on front end web design. I finished the HTML forms section of the text, and and watching videos on CSS stuff in coursera. Brava, moi, brava.

And it’s like this post. Am I diligent enough to finish my work when I don’t want to, but yearn to? Have you ever really YEARNED? Seinfeild. Well… I am so confused. i can do what’s right, or I can do what’s right. And how to tell the difference. I guess I just should. *shrugs*

I don’t know. I need to find a philosophy for myself and my life and my mindset more sustainable than, “Work hard feel good.” Sure, I can do that… but I’m going to feel lazy from time to time, guaranteed. Ugh.

Writing in here, or my old blog, used to cure all my mental ails. Ailments. But I have so, no, sense of up or down anymore, it’s hard to intuit what I really want or need to say. My needs are no longer understood. So it’s hard to get out of it what I need. […]