Note to self: Get into either fantasy novel series of choice or a fantasy game RPG or something. ENTERTAINMENT IS IMPORTANT! For growth of the soul! So Imporrtant!

and i think i need some more meaningful experiences sober if that makes sense i need to feel alive and amazed and wonderous sober just to know that it can happen that substances are not the ultimate goal …

because i know everyone wants their place everyone wants to you know belong and i do think some people who have done some things to me are pure evil and do NOT have a heart and some teachings say that that’s bullshit even in therapy they said i should show love to those who have […]

i need to see what’s in front of me be empathetic with the people who provide me support not shit on them and pine for something or someone else referring to the people on here who read my posts, i’m assuminng they read them, like them, comment the rare comment though it is it is […]

I need I absolutely need blogging to be as therapeutic as it used to be why isn’t it? what’s wrong? … problems, in theory arguing for my rights before anyone has questioned them arguing for my sanity before it leaves me you know, all that sort of stuff the new campaign of critical roll is […]

My dad’s a piece of shit. My mom’s a piece of shit. In different ways. Dad’s a royal piece of shit. Mom’s a royal piece of shit. But they’re different. But I have to start designing websites I don’t know how. To make money. I have to keep studying. Fuck fuck fuck. And. I have […]