My dad’s a piece of shit. My mom’s a piece of shit.

In different ways.

Dad’s a royal piece of shit.

Mom’s a royal piece of shit.

But they’re different.

But I have to start designing websites I don’t know how.

To make money.

I have to keep studying.

Fuck fuck fuck.


I have to make money to support myself.

But fuck I can’t.

I gave my dad $50k to buy some land. He hasn’t built a house on it yet despite him having very clear plans on how to proceed after the land is purchased.

Shows how trustworthy is.

And when he explained his plan, no one could understand it.

But he was ferocious in your face adamant with confidence that it would work and how dare you doubt him.

The emperor isn’t wearing clothes.

He’s a bitch prick fucker.

Fuck my dad.

Fuck my mom.

I want to make money designing websites but I’m not good at it yet.

My degree is a waste of money.


It let me make a few hundo grand but that’s it. And I was tortured in those jobs.

It caused my mental decline.

Life’s not fair.

In fact it’s excruciatingly unfair.

Fuck the wealthy.

Fuck you.


Writing can’t express my anger enough.


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