I need

I absolutely need


to be as therapeutic as it used to be

why isn’t it?

what’s wrong?

problems, in theory

arguing for my rights

before anyone has questioned them

arguing for my sanity

before it leaves me

you know, all that sort of stuff

the new campaign of critical roll is soooo gooood =D

I’m going to try typing with the show playing in the other tab

oh ooooh this is niiiiiice =)

how connected is the world, exactly?

does anyone… know me?

my paranoia again


dad’s watching a french documentary (English, but the journalist is French) about the corruption and eventual collapse of lehman brothers.

finance is slime.

and… there are some really, really bad people out there.

i don’t feel safe.


*cries gently*

and you could argue that if a documentary doesn’t make me feel safe, why would I watch it?

but it’s not the documentary

it’s the knowledge, the facts from it

and it’s not not knowing that will keep me safe

you know?


the concept of alleys

that narrowness

the whole…

being jumped



lack of safety





european alleys

mediterranean pazazz

wait, what happened to Travis? Bertrand Bell?

did he die last episode?

I thought I saw him at the start of this one?

where’d he sneak off to?

ehhh, so confusing

great, now there’s an amber alert on my phone, child abduction


brown chevy tahoe i think?

eh well

i’m super spooked tonight

after the lehman brothers documentary

and like, restless

i don’t know if it’s anxiety or not

and and gangs, what if i get engrossed in gang warfare while trying to do something valorous!


I am so worried.

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