Just to be clear, if you clone yourself, you do not have eternal life. You have a still-mortal you, you die, and you have a new clone of yourself that is not you, just a copy. There is no magical “transferrance” of consciousness from you to the clone, just a copy of memories. The kernel, so to speak, of consciousness stays and dies with you. I suppose if we could find that kernel, and remove it and put it into a fresh body, then maybe there could be eternal life. But there could never be truly two of you then.

So yeah, I don’t think the traditional view of cloning as extending lifespan is semantically correct. Probably any philosopher or mathematician will tell you that, agree with me. On basic logical (and I do mean the philosophical-mathematical definition, not the common abused colloquial definition, of logic here) premises.

However, with this new kernel approach, what we are looking for is NOT just consciousness that is exactly like you, but could be anything–but it is your “identifier to the Gods” that locates you to a certain body. If found, and if transferred to a fresh body, then we could achieve immortality.

But that’s going to take a lot of research. The slowest, most lagging field I see that will need the biggest research and funding boosts, the way I see it, are biology biology and biology. It’s such wee wee basic mama googoo even to this day. We know a lot, but can do very little, I’d say is an apt way to put the current state of biology.

So, bioengineering as a field, is in its infancy. So yeah, once it develops, starts spurning companies, legit stuff, and hones its methods and develops STANDARDS, RULES AND PRINCIPLES, like in PHYSICS, ugh, biology is chaos, I’ve been there. It’s chaos.

So yeah! Hope you like my thoughts. Leave a comment below if you have any thoughts, questions, comments, gripes, anything. I’m all ears and don’t worry about bruising my ego! I’m always ready for a fight! Grr! =D



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