Having said that, maybe I just can’t stop myself.

We go to hang out with brother (and baby brother, if he decides to come along) at the park today, after some tennis with him, if it doesn’t rain.

And then, early this morning, I had like, early-morning thoughts (not really dreams…) about like, if I could’ve made love to my now-ex while we were still dating, if we had dated longer. Not had sex with, not fucked, but made love to. Like, sex with someone you love. I don’t know if I ever really loved her or if it was (slightly more than) skin deep. But anyway.

And now there’s the therapist teaching the CBT for Depression class that I’d like to ask out on a date, once the class series is over. I don’t know what the rules are but I’d guess it’s like, not currently under care of, romance is okay.

But who’s to know.

And some daydreams about making love to her too, falling in love for starters. I really like her so far. I don’t know. What a smile.

Well that’s all.


I woke up early today.

Dad’s asleep, mom’s at work, coming home soon.

Watched some twitch. That sentence should read “watched some coursera videos” but oh well.

I’m not making rapid progress.



Good morning, everyone.

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