I’m just romanticizing about some sci-fi by Phillip K. Dick. I haven’t read Do Androids Dream…, but I did read The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch and loved it. It’s about hallucinogens, more or less, among other things like global warming. I like that.

Annnnnd, something else I can’t remember, oh ya the short story We’ll Remember It For You Wholesale (only I only saw the movies Total Recall 1 and 2, not in whole even, but I got the concept). I didn’t like the ending to 2, because it’s like, what happened to him in the REAL world and why couldn’t they reconcile the two worlds? Am I really to believe that he’s actually a sleeper agent his whole life? No, that’s part of the unreality! Fools! Argh. So stupid.

Well anyway.

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