Okay, let’s try to figure this out. I should do something. Or maybe I should do nothing. As of now, it feels like everything is something. But that’s not true, there’s also nothing. And sometimes doing nothing is the best thing to do. Feels the best, is the most aesthetic, true to spirit, artsy, etc. […]

I really don’t want to do any chores or anything hard today for the rest of the day. What kind of employee would I be? Not an acceptable one. “Hey get x done by the end of the day.” “No, I don’t feel like it.” Dafuck? I am not employable. Fuck me. But I can […]

I had some garlic bread from little ceasar’s that dad brought home instead of mom’s yucky scalloped potatoes. Mom’s cooking is usually yucky. I don’t know why. And, um, it came with tomato ragu sauce. I continue to organize MTG cards. I feel kind of bad I don’t know what to do, but I should […]

I watched one more coursera vid. I hate scraping by like this. =( But it’s progress. What a dumb fucking stupid thing to say. Watching a video, 10 minutes or less, a day. And calling it progress. Fuck me. Organized my MTG cards! =D Fun fun fun. Watching a randomized co-op Zelda 64 speedrun. Awesome. […]

It’s a work day but I just feel like bitching with my friends but I don’t even have anything to look forward to in the evening, let alone during mid-day. I’m so fucked and alone and lonely. And I’m having an emotional crisis. Fuckkkkkkkkkkk.!!!

I dno’t want to do this. I dont’ want to watch these educational videos. Give me some tasks I can do. Or is my skill set completely useless? Is my education really that useless? Fuckkkkkkk…

I don’t want to study I’m a spoiled brat fuck me fuck me shit on my face. Fuck me. Also, I don’t want to go for a walk. Really, that’s not even enough–I should be going for a jog. It makes me feel better but fuck me if I work hard to feel better. I […]