Fucking useless trash psychiatrists. Oh no! Someone’s helping me! We don’t want that. My dad’s bipolar schizoaffective and I just discovered that. I had vague notions that he was bipolar before. I’m so psychotic right now. These “people” monster fucks really want me, dead or alive. Fuck you. You’re probably evil too. This Earth is […]

People like hurting me But they also are stupid because lol they don’t know how much damage I can do Maybe not now but later when I’m enabled I have good memory And good vengeance

What to occupy myself with for the day. I can never go back to biology, that’s for sure. Unless maybe a PhD program, but still probably not even that. It’s just so hard, lab work. It’s impossible. I love coding so much more. Still, not that much. And my muscles atrophy but it’s not that […]

What is it… that I throw everything away, and others cherish every little decision I make. Don’t force me. Don’t hold me. I make my decisions swiftly. Don’t ache over them. It’s stupid. You’re stupid. Vomit. Well. I’m on chapter five of Flow My Tears… What do you think? Has anyone read it want to […]

I’m feeling the fantasy of alternate realities, from fiction, strike upon me and influence me. I am lost in la la land and it feels great. Not really engrossed TOO much, although, ideally, the more the better, but sort of, my mind in the background working on the alternate realities of the fictional worlds. Watching […]