What is it… that I throw everything away, and others cherish every little decision I make. Don’t force me. Don’t hold me. I make my decisions swiftly. Don’t ache over them. It’s stupid. You’re stupid. Vomit.


I’m on chapter five of Flow My Tears…

What do you think?

Has anyone read it want to say Yeay / Nay without revealing anything?

I don’t know. I used to be the master of doing things when there was nothing to do. Of hanging out. “Hanging out.” Soon that term itself will be dated.


Inventing things. Creating.

Clever bitch is in clever bitch training.

What can I say…

I’m lazy and unemployed and I should be working, but fuck me I’m lazy and stupid.

I’m so evil.

Help me.

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  1. You know, honestly it’s nice to read miserable blog posts… I’ve been feeling rather miserable lately over repairing my furnace (long story) and it’s nice to know I’m not the only miserable person in the world feeling messed up. Not sure that’s what you want to hear, but there you go…


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