Love at Barnes & Noble

I’m at a BnN and it’s love. It’s so refreshing. it doesn’t carry very well to the rest of my life at home, but for a moment, I have some reprieve from the madness. My social anxiety is so much better than it used to be here. I was so scared at this shopping center before, and psychotic sometimes (not behaviorally, but perceptively, “on the inside not the outside”, so to speak).

I am getting some work done despite not having access to my files (I thought that would be a bigger handicap than it is). I’m working around caveats and just all around getting a lot done. This is awesome, and this place is awesome.

I wholly encourage anyone who is struggling in their life AND noticing they’re spending too much time at home to get out, and try working at a cafe or book store or library. The results will blow your mind.



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