It’s amazing how fake and desperate so many people are. Especially twitch streamers. It’s so easy to tell, too. I, on the other ham, and genuine and sincere with my emotions.

This is what i want to happen: I want to watch twitch, but I also want to not hate myself for watching twitch. At the least. If not actually enjoy it.

I finished my hw assignment for week 2 of my web design course! =D But uploading it has produced an error. And I followed the instructions. Computers never work. Whoever builds them, designed/designs them, manufactures them, invented them, made/makes them, must be like… F- stupido. I dreamt of making a luxury computer brand that promises […]

My quality of life is really low. It’s not fair. But I’m not alone in the world. My reason, schizoaffective disorder and shit meds, may be unique, but the experience is not. Many people in the world suffer miserable lives that can’t at this stage in societal development be solved. I wait until things develop […]

It’s Saturday morning and I’m not a kid anymore. I don’t enjoy staying at home watching TV and playing video games. It’s hateful. I’m anxious, and I should be working. It’s so hard to enjoy anything anymore. So anxious. Fuck. I hate my condition, I hate my meds. I hope they come out with something […]

Fuck. I need a community. I need hundreds of people happily not shitting on each other, that I am a part of. Fuck modern social structure. I’m a contemporary hobby anthropologist and this IS SHIT.