I finished my hw assignment for week 2 of my web design course! =D

But uploading it has produced an error.

And I followed the instructions.

Computers never work. Whoever builds them, designed/designs them, manufactures them, invented them, made/makes them, must be like… F- stupido.

I dreamt of making a luxury computer brand that promises zero malfunctions or errors but, you know, that’s not exactly a cakewalk of a startup project.

Probably worth it though. Change human history in a small way.

Oh btw: We live in the almost future! There are e-books, many people take pills regularly for their brain, we have Tesla and the electric car, space travel is super-common and almost for normal people already, crypto is trusted by 40% of people on Earth more than their local currency (don’t quote me, heard it online), and my mom was shopping for an electric fireplace on the world’s largest retailer outlet today, which is online, as it were.

Having said that, the common mass of internet is still trash, and the greats and classics of the world, ancient, modern, and otherwise, are still better than 99.9999… % of content out there. So seek greatness, not common rarity, if you seek models to improve from.

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