attack block sense sensory deprivation tank make me mime some sum fuck it sways likewise in the wind without band frequency or diletante baby cries theme of fluctuation being time and again now we stray likewise in some manner to find him and grant passage through forbidden marshes hope the journey’s still .

I’m not at peace I have to say or do something So I smash the keys Hello Now it’s over And that wasn’t enough I go back to being unfulfilled i’ll be back fuck I don’t want to leave what can I say or do to prolong the vacation what’s this blue line under the […]

I don’t know what to do But we’ve got to take it to a whole new level of instanity Fuckshit shitfuck turducken 909 404 listen listen listen what now:

Heavy or light Does’t matter Mattress But what goes or comes next? A change of key In fact! Of course! Discovery it is then So be it When guise falls Of nature of dust What besoot coventry of provenance shall save it? We know not We know so little now How does your name sound […]

You really shouldn’t be following me. I say stupid things and it’s really vulgar and not nice. I’m sorry. What I mean… Um. I should be going to bed but I’m panicking sort of. I need infinite coffee IV. Also, twitch. Yes. Brrrr. My book is almost done with its 3rd complete round of self-editing. […]

I don’t know what to do with my pity and self-loathing. If you subscribed you knew what you got into. Is talking to me dangerous? What is life. I don’t know now. Paranoia is strange. It sure is. Buddy. Ugh.

Never Forget

I have a phone apt with my case manager tomorrow morning and I don’t want to talk to anyone right now unless they’re nice to me because I sense ass and hole in everyone all the time. Even my mom is only neutral. Fuck me I am the filth of the Earth. Everyone shits on […]

Royal Double Fuck (with chz plz)

I didn’t work hard enough today. But don’t blame the crime in the world on me. Also I won’t address miscommuniques tonight. Too tired. I didn’t work hard enough today and now I can’t go to sleep until I do. But there’s a folk melody on a guitar on and it’s nice. I just took […]