I’m supposed to be working on my indie game in Unity but I’m procrastinating.

I’m actually ahead of schedule or at least on time so far not behind due date, on grading my peer for week 2 of my web design course assignment.

Holy hell thank god.

But fuck. Everything else is a dumpster fire.

My life is work undone.

I will never receive another paycheck so long as I walk this Earth.


What do I do.


I’m not reading enough of this textbook.

I’m not reading enough about procedural generation.

And yeah the indie game in Unity is behind schedule. I’ve been “working” on it for like five years now.

Fuck I’m 33. Fucking holy Jesus fucking Christ.

Some people’s lives START at 33. And I’m complaining.

I don’t know which direction to go, now…



There’s so much suffering in the world.


I don’t know what to say.

This is not a time for poetry.

is this a time for madness?

is this the forgiveness you request?

seamstress of flocking memories

undo the stitches of my mind

I miss your flower garden, lover

the one where we wept

for the damage we saw

at the edge of the world

We are so poor, all of us…

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