Heavy or light

Does’t matter


But what goes or comes next?

A change of key

In fact!

Of course!

Discovery it is then

So be it

When guise falls

Of nature of dust

What besoot coventry of provenance shall save it?

We know not

We know so little now

How does your name sound out loud

When you’re in love?

Tell me

Do you have a secret?

I hold mine in the balls of my feet

In the spring of my step

It is rejoicing at the thought of release

So many times have I had this procedure done

And so many times has it lost its way

But found again the darkness of my heart

The universe

So compare

How do you fault your thoughts?

I’m just trying to get by but

Everything has to be perfect

And that holds me back

And I know that

But most of the time

I really just don’t even know what the problem is

Beside telepathy

And schizoaffective disorder

Fuck it

Those are the problems

In fucking fact

A ha ha

Well then

Promise me

We’ll stay in love

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