And don’t forget to eat a bag of dicks

I don’t know. I’m working on my book, and that’s fantastic, and I finally feel like writing in paragraphs rather than one-liners. So hmm. Hmm and ho and humm. What the fuck and ecstatic whore cum.

Ha ha ha.

So shitty.

Fuck you.

So anyway, I love it. And I love fucking it. But that’s not totale.

Don’t forget art.


What else…

Yeah life is actually going pretty well. And the fight against the conservatives is front and center, as always. And I as a labeled mental ill individual am one of their “victims”. But let’s turn the tables, as they are wont to be, and start eating them, the little delicious morsels. Eat them and grind their puny little organs up in a blender for protein puree. Yum!

Republican smoothie shake! The perfect breakfast.

Fuck you.


What else…

I love it.


What else…

Yeah things are going pretty well. Don’t forget about arte!


Fuck off.

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