Royal Double Fuck (with chz plz)

I didn’t work hard enough today. But don’t blame the crime in the world on me. Also I won’t address miscommuniques tonight. Too tired. I didn’t work hard enough today and now I can’t go to sleep until I do. But there’s a folk melody on a guitar on and it’s nice. I just took offense and you sounded mean to me. Sorry. I was being sensitive. I’m not angry.

I don’t know what to do. I have so much work to do. If I falow all the deadlines I will be done with my web design course by Dec 20 but I know I won’t because I don’t watch enough course videos every week. I’m so lazy but really it’s the negative symptoms real brain chemistry problems like reality nature science that sort of stuff not just laziness. It’s like how you’d blame gay people for being fags and spreading HIV but really HIV is caused by a virus not fags. And a fag is just british slang for a cigarette anyway so who gives a fuck.

I hate life. I don’t want to work hard. Why do I have to confront so many tasks. I love poetry. Let me be a poet. Let me make money selling books of poetry.

Jesus fucking Christ. Why can’t poets make money.


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