Also I’m trying to revise my published book on KDP because there are some problems with it but there are now problems with the upload. Technology.

I did a little bit of reading but I don’t feel like reading any more. If I could read for hours on end there wouldn’t be any problem. But I can’t, because of my negative symptoms, schizoaffective disorder. It’s fucked. ugh thanks for commiserating though.

I just, I don’t even know what to do for entertainment anymore. I have to work on my Unity game. What the fuck. What’s wrong with me. This last gabapenting dose making me opey. Sometimes does that, with a probability.

I finished week 2 homework on my coursera web design class. Fuck yes! And I even saw a few folks who I was reviewing submit the homework wrong (it’s an involved process, unfortunately…) so I guess I’m smart? Yeah, sad, though… I don’t feel like talking about some things. But here it is, again and […]