I finished week 2 homework on my coursera web design class. Fuck yes! And I even saw a few folks who I was reviewing submit the homework wrong (it’s an involved process, unfortunately…) so I guess I’m smart?

Yeah, sad, though…

I don’t feel like talking about some things.

But here it is, again and again and again: I don’t work hard enough.

I’m on week 3 of the class now. There are 5 weeks total. Week 2 took me like 4 actual weeks. Slimeeeeyyy.


I just want to enjoy fine art, beauty, nature, love and friendship, and good sport. That last one is often left out of the list by people, but it’s super-important. Games and competition engage the mind, friends!

I have so many books to read.

I talked to my case manager and she’s like, yep, sounds like your life is going well. If only she knew how much I really struggle. She keeps telling me the most important thing is to do things you have to do whether you feel like it or not. I struggle with this still, and I told her that. She didn’t seem to think it was a problem and thought I was doing a great job. She says I’m making huge steps. They’re baby steps, to be honest. There’s so much more to go.


I stayed up late last night and woke up late this morning.

My sleep schedule’s been off and getting to bed has been difficult. I don’t exercise enough.

I wish I could go for jogs.

I just want to complain all the time. What’s wrong with that?


Someone help me. I’m such a fool.

How to end this…

Lame. Lame lame lame.

Apparently lots of anti-LGBTQ laws were passed this last year in the U.S. Fuck. I hate conservatives. Why they infringing on people’s lives. Assholes.

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