I didn’t stay up particularly late today, but I stayed in bed this morning until 1 PM. I shouldn’t feel guilty about it, I have ” a year off ” (without pay), but, waking up and getting on with the day is sort of a pressure on me I can’t get rid of.

If only I could enjoy the pure pleasures in life just because they’re there. I lost my youth and innocence at some point.

Shortly after waking up I realized I had a sore throat, and the room was cold (wtf?), and after I chugged my breakfast smoothie, took my morning pills, and had the coffee from downstairs, I developed a headache.

There is… so much to be grateful for in life. Thanksgiving is coming up, but our anxiety CBT teacher tells us to be thankful whenever, even when we feel anxious, especially then, because it moves one from thinking what is wrong to what is right in the world and one’s life.


Thank you for being here, the few of you that hang out. I’ll try not to be so grotesque and vulgar without good taste.

Watching Hikaru play Jobava on twitch. Chess. Fun times.

Need to continue with the web designn class. I’ve made good progress so far, I’ve got to keep going.

Thanks. <3

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